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Norichika Tsukamoto
В Facebook переведенное на английский письмо Цукамоты выложили, больше не будет выступать :-(

Many thanks to everyone who supported me at the World Championship.
Heartfelt I want to express my gratitude to President Midori and everyone at the event of the tournament.

To President Midori who always watched over me from a distance.
To my comrades of Tsukamoto-Dojo of the Setagaya-Suginami-Branch.
To Megro-Dojo and Kashiwagi-san who always supported me behinde the scenes.
And to my family.
Thank you all so much.

And I want to thank all fighters who participated and all comrades from Shinkyokushinkai who came from abroad as supporters or spectators during this hard times for Japan.

16 years passed since I won the World Championship the first time.

I won and I lost and various things happended, but you always cheered me up at the tournament grounds. Thank you from my heart.

My students at the Dojo, my comrades who trained with me, my rivals...

I think if even one of them would have been missing, it could not have come to this result.

I am filled with the feeling of gratitude.

With this I will step down as a fighters, but hereafter I want to aim all my passion and energy in coaching my students.

If you keep your hopes, they will become true.

Norichika Tsukamoto

Источник: http://www.facebook.com/tsukamotosensei
Категория: Организации и федерации киокушин | Добавил: Enigma (18.11.2011)
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1 Johnelle • 04:56, 11.12.2011
BION I'm ipmesrsed! Cool post!
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